Saturday, 17 December 2011

My scientific study reveal the psychology of gender

So today at my regular coffee shop, while minding my business and going through my usual routine of sparkling water -> panini -> coffee, a little girl (I'm useless at guessing children’s age, but she was a diaper wearing size) suddenly came over. I couldn’t actually understand what she was saying, but she clearly had something on her mind. She came uncomfortably close and almost put her finger in my face, and after a bit more baby conversation I finally realised what the problem was. She had spotted, from a great distance, a couple (or more) crumbs on my shirt. 
Incredible, at the age of 3 (or whatever) they have already developed this nurturing instinct. I tried to think if I have ever seen a boy do something like that. No! The only times I have been approached by a little boy, it's been if he wanted to take something I have, show me something he has or punch me in the nuts. Are we really born that different or is my scientific study not that scientific? Somebody tell me I’m wrong, or better yet, right!

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